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Celebrate 30+ Years of Nature in Your Nook with Dufferin Wildlife Supplies! 🐦🌳

Get ready to chirp with excitement, birders and nature buffs! For over three decades, Dufferin Wildlife Supplies has been your go-to oasis for transforming backyards into bustling nature retreats. Our secret? A passion for feathered friends and furry pals, combined with a treasure trove of custom-crafted goodness!

🦉 Custom-Blended Bird Feed – Freshness in Every Flock
We don’t just sell bird feed; we craft a fine dining experience for your winged visitors. Obsessed with quality, we create our wild bird and local wildlife feeds with bountiful care. Our locally-blended bird feeders, nest havens, and critter comforts come from the expert hands of skilled artisans. Whether you’re feathering your nest with luxe birdhouses or snagging sleek feeders, we’ve got the goods at prices that’ll make you sing with joy.

🐾 More Than Just Birds – Treats for Your Furry Friends!
And because we love all creatures great and small, check out our purr-worthy collection of dog and cat foods and supplies. Take a stroll through our newly expanded retail space – it’s the purr-fect pick for your fur-baby’s indulgence.

🌲 The Roots of Our Nest
Hatching in 1991 in the heartland of Caledon Village, Ontario, Caledon Mountain Wildlife (now sister to Dufferin Wildlife Supplies) was the brainchild of Brian Thayer, Dawn, and their shared love for all things wild and winged. Starting in a century-old drive shed, their dream soared, rooted in the ethos of sustainable, quality feeds for nature’s symphony.

🔍 Our Seed Mix Secret – No Fillers, Just Thrills
After tireless research into the perfect banquet for birds, our seed mixes have winged their way into the hearts of countless wildlife enthusiasts. Small-batch blending ensures that every scoop is as fresh as the morning dew. Say goodbye to wasteful fillers found in mass-produced alternatives and hello to Happy Birds dining on our premium no-waste feasts!

🤝 A Legacy of Bird Love
From the Kairys’ heartfelt stewardship to Brett Lagerquist’s entrepreneurial spirit from 2017 onwards, and Michele Runtas’ “Bird Nerd” expertise, our flock at Dufferin Wildlife Supplies is all about feathering your slice of the great outdoors with quality and care.

📍 Two Nests to Feather Your Experience
Spread your wings and soar into our newest perch at 287a Broadway in Orangeville, the latest addition to our nest! Dufferin Wildlife Supplies now flutters in two locations, doubling the fun, joy, and natural wonders for you and your birds.

Tap into the timeless tradition, impeccable quality, and heartwarming customer service that Dufferin Wildlife Supplies is renowned for. Whether in-person or online, we’re here, ready to sprinkle a little wilderness magic into every nook of your world.

Your partners in nature,
Dufferin Wildlife Supplies Team

P.S. Don’t forget to flutter by our website for all things feathery and furry – where wild hearts find their home! 🌐✨